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Yooo!! What's good REVers?!

Socii® is a socially conscious streetwear brand launched in October 2020 that aims to raise money and awareness for a number of diverse charities and causes. The word socii stands for "friend or ally" and is used to describe friendly or diplomatic bonds and interactions between multiple parties. The idea for Socii was in part inspired by 2020’s focus on the Black Lives Matter movement, and the awareness that has brought to the difficulties that millions of people face in their everyday lives.

At Socii, we see ourselves as allies to our world, and we take great pride in promoting diversity and equality through providing quality streetwear for people who are passionate about fashion, but also want to represent a brand with vision and purpose. In short, the main idea of Socii is compassion- for our society, for our planet, and for the people in the world that need it most. We recognize that everybody has different values and beliefs, which is why we allow our customers to choose from a wide variety of causes upon purchasing our clothing.

Check us out @ https://www.sociiclothing.com/

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