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Welcome to #LiveYourREV, like Facebook - but better... much better.

Live YOUR Rev!

We are here. It has been a couple of years of hard work developing content, designing the platform and putting together the people needed to pull this off! EVERYONE involved has been absolutely crucial and we couldn't be here without them!

We artist finally have a space made JUST for us. Share your projects with the most amount of creative freedom! And get this, all the features you see here are only in BETA which means this is just the beginning for us!

Look, my Spotify playlist with all my songs ON THIS POST- try doing that on Facebook!

(Look! This image can even be linked to anything!)

As you'll come to find, every aspect of LiveYourREV and this company, from events to functions and opportunities beyond- is designed for the artists to thrive. We are a platform created by artist- for artists. With upcoming features such as; paid members to your content, direct connections with sponsor and brands, event ticketing, print-on-demand AND SO MUCH MORE - we hope to become your one stop shop to growing your career & fanbase!

Visit the site:

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