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$10 Food Options for Creators in NYC

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

New York is home to many talented creators, but what do they all have in common? Well… at one time or another they were definitely broke, hungry for success, and in need of some cheap delicious food options. So in hopes of reaching and aiding the brave young creators of New York City, here are $10 Food Options for Broke Creators in Manhattan.

#1 Halal Guys

Location: 702 Amsterdam Ave, W 53rd St, 307 E 14th St.

- The Halal Guys, what is there to say. This time honored classic feeds New Yorkers on every street corner the eye can see. There’s a reason the first halal cart on 53rd street in 1990 grew to be the international restaurant chain it is today.

#2 Dollar Pizza

Location: Everywhere

- There’s an old saying in New York… It goes, “Live and die, by the dollar slice. Live and die, for the dollar pie” Just kidding, no one says that. But they do eat a lot pizza. So much so that over 500,000 No matter where you are, you’re never more than a stone's throw away from that heavenly thin crust, burning hot masterpiece that is. $1 pizza.

#3 Vanessa’s Dumpling House

Location: 220 E 14th St, 118 Eldridge Street

- Delicious and inexpensive. Dumplings are a comfort food anyone can enjoy. However, all dumpling spots are not the same. There are some that truly stand out. Vanessa’s is one of those spots.

#4 Lantern Thai Kitchen

Location: 311 2nd Ave

- Pad Thai lovers, listen up. Lantern Thai Kitchen is THE best pad thai in Manhattan. I’ve looked far and wide, putting my nose to the grindstone looking for the best pad thai. Lantern Thai has it all. Fresh, consistently delicious, vegetarian tofu option and a $10 price point. Can’t beat it.

#5 Bo Ky

Location: 80 Bayard St

- Bo Ky doesn’t hold back. With flavors and influences from multiple chinese provinces including Chaosan and eastern Guangdong as well as Vietnam and Cambodia. Certainly no american-style takeout here. Experience Bo Ky with authenticity in mind and you won’t be disappointed.

#6 Souvlaki

Location: 116 E Stanton St, 162 W 56th St.

- Souvlaki is Greek food heaven. Every classic dish you can think of. Hummus, tzatziki, spanakopita, and the crown jewel souvlaki itself. If you’ve never had Greek food, this is your friendly reminder. Get it done.

#7 The Nugget Spot

Location: 230 E. 14th St.

- Late nights are nothing without a good late night snack. That’s where the Nugget Spot comes in. Open until 2am on the weekends this fried food haven services all of Union Square and the surrounding area. They have both meat and vegetarian options so everyone is invited, bring your friends and share some nuggs.

#8 Dos Toros

Location: Chain locations

- Recently I found myself wanting an alternative to Chipotle. Well, ask and ye shall receive. Introducing, Dos Toros. Imagine everything great about chipotle, without the lines, noise and constant new customers in front of you who have no idea how to order. Seemingly everyone who goes to Dos Toros has been in the game long enough to know how to order 1 item at a time. Incredible! On top of that, the price point is low and the service is great. Try Dos Toros next time you’re feeling like a taco bowl.

#9 Manousheh

Location: 193 Bleecker St.

- Ever been to Lebanon? Well if you haven’t you probably don’t know about Lebanon’s most popular street food. Manousheh is a breakfast or lunch flatbread. Traditionally served with olive oil, sesame seeds and dried thyme, this warm pastry will be one of your new favorites.

#10 Bagel Boss

Location: 263 1st Ave

- It’s something in the water. It’s gotta be. Well whatever it is that makes New York bagels so damn good, I don’t care. I just need one right now, everything toasted with veggie cream cheese stat!

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