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  • How do I make a profile/account?
    So you want to have a LiveYourREV account? Follow these steps and you should be all set! 1. On the top right corner tap 'log in' 2. Provide your email, name and other required information 3. Click Submit and there you go! Now you can comment on posts, subscribe to exclusive content and become a 'writer'^ ^ Writers are approved members that can create their own posts. PLEASE WAIT UP TO 24 HOURS AFTER MAKING YOUR ACCOUNT BEFORE BEING APPROVED AS A WRITER.
  • How do I get featured?
    Featured content appears on the main pages of our three categories Music, TV, Culture. To be featured, make sure to do these following steps: 1. Categorize your posts. When creating a post, hit 'post settings' and go to category. You wlll see an option to put your post in the culture, tv or music section. 2. Make sure to upload a cover art. Posts with cover art have a higher chance of being featured. 3. Add a custom excerpt to give readers a sample of what they should expect. Make sure its catchy, and grabs the audience. 4. Use tags! Hashtags in the post and tags within the 'post settings' will allow you to specify what your post is about. The more we understand about what you are sharing, the more likely we are to share it to a bigger audience! 5. Have an exciting posts. Nothing beats good content. Make sure your post is versitile and includes rich text, gifs, images, videos and even embedded code! This makes your post more readable and leads to you getting better results. 6. Share your link! You have spent time building an audience in various networks. Share your posts url with your community when you make it so that your posts gets the highest amount of traction. We favor posts that get good results. With high readthrough rates, views comments and shares, our algorithm will trigger your post to be featured at the top of our site! Happy Postings!
  • How can I add my film to LiveYourREV TV?
    Have a film, series, or show you want us to share to our users? Submit your project directly to us here:
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