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Streaming NOW: Which Website Will You Choose?

Are you a regular movie streamer or binge-watcher? Streaming sites have become a major trend and really have something for everyone. Not convinced? Want to stream but not sure where to start? Don’t worry! That’s what we’re here for! Movie streaming has become one of the top Internet uses in today’s society. There are many movie streaming sites out there in today’s world, but the two most commonly recognized, used and discussed are Netflix and Hulu.

The first, most commonly used movie streaming site is Netflix. Netflix allows customers to watch a wide variety of television shows and movies without having to sit through any commercials. What’s great about Netflix is that it gives you a one-month free trial to decide whether you like Netflix or not. Every month a new index of content is added to give the audience a wider variety of television programs and movies. If you’re into original shows, Netflix has their own glossary marked 'Netflix Originals'. These are usually a safe bet as their production quality and writer are top-notch.

While Netflix is the most popular movie streaming site and does have many good things about it, it is not my favorite. For starters, Netflix continues to bump its memberships. All Netflix plans allow streaming on any device and unlimited content, but your level of membership does affect your streaming experience in other ways. The basic plan, which doesn’t allow HD or Ultra HD only lets you stream on one computer at a time and costs $7.99 per month. The standard plan, which allows HD but not Ultra HD lets you to stream on two computers at a time, has gone up to $10.99 per month. The premium plan, which allows both HD and Ultra HD lets you stream on four computers at a time, has gone up to $13.99 per month. Besides, most of the content on Netflix is very outdated. If you’re into those oldie throwbacks, then you may love Netflix. However, for people like me, most of the content is not engaging. Overall, I’d give this site a B, as it has good content but could be a little more up to date within certain genres.

The second most popular movie streaming site, Hulu, has many similarities to Netflix. Users can access a significant variety of TV shows and movies on several different devices. Like Netflix, there is a free trial period. A Hulu free trial is also a month. Unlike Netflix, Hulu does not have a seemingly endless list of original shows. Instead, the site contains many popular cable television shows. While it may cost you more money, Hulu gives you the option to customize your membership. Within your Hulu account, you select a la carté 'ad ons' such as no commercials and watch live television through the site as well as record it. You can also add access to full premium channels and networks such as HBO, Cinemax, or SHOWTIME. Even if you don’t want to pay extra and add any fancy things like that to your account, you can take the basic plan ($7.99 per month) and still have access to thousands of movies and television shows. Hulu is great because the content is brand new. If Hulu carries a show, the latest episode will be available on the site the day after it airs. Also like Netflix, Hulu adds content to its website every month, providing even more variety to its users. Overall, I’d give this site an A- for its variety of popular content and room for customization.

Both websites come with their own pro’s and con’s, but everyone has their preference. Netflix and Hulu are both user-friendly sites and offer a great variety of content. The decision is yours, so pick one or try them both, but get streaming!

Written By: Victoria Caputo

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