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How to Professionally Binge Watch a TV Series

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

Are you still watching?

If you’re a television lover like me, binge-watching is probably one of your favorite hobbies! The dictionary defines binge-watching as a practice of watching multiple episodes of a television show very quickly in a row, and that’s exactly what it is: a practice. Anyone can binge-watch a television show, but in order to become a professional binge-watcher, you have to follow some guidelines.

1. Ensure that your Wi-Fi connection is strong

Digital media streaming sites (Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime) is the most common way people binge-watching nowadays. If that’s you, it’s extremely vital that you make sure Internet is connected, strong and working flawlessly so A) you can actually binge-watch and B) to avoid any buffering or connection loss interruptions.

2. Make sure you use the bathroom before you start

The last thing you want to do when you’re binge-watching is get up, so make sure you use the restroom right before you start your binge-watching session.

3. Make sure you have your computer plugged into a charger

Binge watching can drain a lot of your battery, especially if you’re a binge watching for hours on end. It’s important to keep your computer plugged in or have your charger readily accessible for whenever you may need it.

4. Set yourself up in a nice comfy spot

It can be hard sometimes to get comfortable, so make sure you have lots of blankets, pillows, and cushion when you’re binge-watching so you don’t have that problem. If and when do start to become uncomfortable, you’ll be able to quickly readjust with your extra comfort items without having to leave and pause your show.

5. Keeps lots of snacks next to you

Whether it’s candy, chips, or pretzels, make sure you have whatever snacks you may want next to you in case you get hungry. I am the kind of person who also likes to have a water bottle next to me, but if you don’t need, don’t drink it! You wouldn’t have to get up to use the bathroom during your favorite scene of your favorite episode!

No matter the genre or plot line, following these five guidelines will help you become a professional binge-watcher. So grab your computer, pop some corn, and happy binge watching!


Written By: Victoria Caputo

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